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Welcome to ArchduxTM.

Please browse through this agreement meticulously and fully grasp the policies before joining our competition on website. Should you access, visit or utilize this site, you accept you have read through, grasped and approved be bound by these specific terms explained below. 

Terms & Conditions functions as a contract between us, the business, and the client/ customer who utilizes the services; that they are considered to have been acknowledged, and completely realizes the stipulations explained, and that ArchduxTM is not accountable for any kind of loss that may happen because of misconception and misinterpretation of the user concerning what exactly is posted there. By submitting the designs, the user acknowledges our General Agreement, which applies for the whole time frame of the business partnership. Thus, the General Agreement will apply not just to the preliminary business exchange, but to all of the potential submissions too.


To be able to participate in the competition, it will likely be required for you to register yourself. It will be one time registration for one entry submission. After successful registration participant/s will be provided with a unique identity code which will be used for submission purpose over their digital format work sheets. 

In case upgraded, brand-new, additional and/or improved features are introduced to this site, you might be expected to re-acknowledge the Agreement and/or additional stipulations that may go along with the new features, improvements and/or developments.


Entrants are required to pay one time registration fee per entry. They have to pay through the payment methods provided on site only. No registration will be accepted by any other means of payment apart the ones on website. The registration fee is non refundable. However incase of any uncertainty occur during the course that we might have to close the competition, We would reimburse the same registration money to all registered participant/s within 15 days of declaration and confirmation.

Secured payment methods/gateways will be used considering best security system. For Indian Nationals PayUmoney and for other Foreign Nationals PayPal payment system will be used.



The only identity the entrant/s hold is unique identity code which will be provided only after successful registration. Entrants are not allowed to show their identity apart from unique identity code by any other means before the results are announced. If any entrant/s present his/her/their identity intentionally or unintentionally before results are announced would be disqualified.


Except as explicitly mentioned in the Website Terms and conditions, none of the components and Intellectual Property explained therein might be duplicated, published, dispersed, republished, saved, exhibited, submitted or transferred in any kind or in any form or manner, including, digital, mechanical, photocopying, documenting at least, without the previous authored consent of ArchduxTM, or the specific intellectual property owner. Any specific utilization of Website Content -- which includes any commercialized use, duplication for reasons other than as listed under the Website Terms, adjustment, submission, republication, or efficiency -- without the previous penned authorization of ArchduxTM is absolutely forbidden.


About the information on our site 

Information on our site 

We make sensible endeavors to upgrade the information on our site, however either or both might be obsolete at any time. We are under absolutely no commitment to renew our information and we make simply no representations, guarantees or assurances that the information on our site is precise, comprehensive or current.

Information is not advice 

Our site includes information which is for general info only and is not meant to be guidance to you. In case you are uncertain about any of the information on the site, make sure you seek expert or specialist guidelines for your specific situations.

Viruses, mistakes or omissions 

Sadly, we don’t pledge that our site, or any information on either will likely be devoid of mistakes or omissions. Furthermore, we don’t ensure that our site will likely be protected or free from glitches or malware. We suggest that you utilize your own malware protection application.

Use of the Website:

As a user, you agree that:

           Neither the ArchduxTM nor any of the Staff member has offered you any recommendation concerning an appropriate service for you; 

           You are officially authorized to obtain and maintain information in your, or any other appropriate jurisdiction; 

           You have not provided us with details associated with your acquisition of services that are incorrect or unreliable; 

           You will offer us any extra info which might be realistically needed so that we are able to fulfill our lawful, regulatory and contractual duties, such as anti-money laundering responsibility;

           You will inform us immediately about all the modification details;

           You are of an adequate age to legitimately use the services, and you are unaware of the other legal factors to avoid you from utilizing services we offer; 

           You take exclusive accountability for any limitations and challenges related to acquiring and keeping services;

           By utilizing products or services, you are not making a controlled purchase, as this phrase might be interpreted by the regulator in your jurisdiction;

           You are not utilizing our website for any unlawful objectives;

           You give up any right you might have acquired to engage in a class action lawsuit against any specific individual associated with the sale of products/ services;

           You accept that you have distinctive responsibility for determining if (i) the acquisition, the application or control of solutions (ii) the feasible identification or depreciation in the importance of solutions with time, (iii) the sale and purchase of solutions; and/or (iv) any other task or exchange linked to services has tax ramifications.

           You will communicate professionally and avoid derogatory phrases or terms.



In the event you want us to no more hold or utilize your private information, you will have the choice to unsubscribe anytime you want. To do that kindly get in touch with us at contact@archdux.com (with subject “unsubscribe”) proclaiming the authorized email account. You also have the right to ask for details of private information that we maintain or store.


In the event you want us to no more hold or utilize your private information, you will have the choice to unregister anytime you want. To do that kindly get in touch with us at contact@archdux.com (with subject “unregister”) proclaiming the authorized email account. You also have the right to ask for details of private information that we maintain or store.


We accept the following credit/debit card payment for the submission:


           Master Card 




Keep in mind: Please provide cardholder’s name as displayed on the credit card, and the cardholder’s residence address precisely as it appears on the credit card statement. 

Special Offers 

We hold the rights to cease any of the offers at any time we want.


To participate in the competition one must be minimum 18 years or above in age. Either you participate individually or as a team you are required to fulfill this condition. Below 18 years entrants are supposed to contact us and present their credentials to participate. For this you must have following requirements fulfilled :

i.          You cannot be below 16 years in age.

ii.         You are a student.

iii.        You are participating under the guidance of your guardian/mentor/teacher/friend or any guiding person who is above  or equivalent to 18 years.

iv.        You are required to present your school/college/institute/voter identity card and other crucial credentials on demand.

v.         You will provide your guide credentials for a cross check. We might contact him/her/them if required.

ArchduxTM reserve all right s to allow/refuse such specific entrants on its own decisions and policy. You are not required to hold any specific degree/qualification to participate in the competition.


Entrants might either make a submission independently or as a group (4 people maximum if you choose a group). Competition entrants are forbidden from sale, or transfer of any of their submission rights to a 3rd party. Student entrants might be expected to validate their status;

All Submissions should stringently comply with all the Terms and Conditions specified in our Competition Brief. As soon as the final submissions are delivered, absolutely no further edits, or modification can be done. Upon transfer of the final submission every single participant will get a verification email notice within 2 business days.

By getting into the competition, the entrant accepts and honors that all facets of any submission narrative, explanation, information, pictures, demonstration and animation can be utilized for advertising purposes. 


Submission which will not match or adhere to the submission rules or found to have pinpointing sign or spot that could, by any means, lead to copyright issues, will be disqualified, and we will be under absolutely no commitment to inform the Entrant or Participant of the disqualified entry. All Submissions after the closing date for a specific competition will likely be immediately disqualified.


ArchduxTM reserves the right to terminate or disrupt or modify the guidelines at any specific stage, if considered necessary in its viewpoint, and if situations arise outside the control.



Any Compensation will likely be handled by ArchduxTM.


ArchduxTM decision of any winning entry or submission via its panel of judges is final. 

In case a selected winning entry is unable to receive or is ineligible for the prize unfortunately, the prize will be presented to the next best rated entry from the shortlisted or outstanding entries that satisfy the winning prerequisite.

ArchduxTM relationship with the judges will not indicate any lawful relationship, association, agreement or collaboration by any means, shape or type. 


Prizes granted will likely be as marketed for each competition, nonetheless ArchduxTM reserves the right to include or merit extra prizes.

Documentary proof of the ArchduxTM or group leader’s right to exercise the career their specific nation or country of residence might be needed before any specific awards payment is made to a winner. Photographic identification paper for example passport will have to be supplied to ArchduxTM before any award payment will likely be made. 

If the winner is a studio or business, the formal business registration documents must be provided along with photographic verification of group leader. All Banking account information into which any specific prize money is to be paid should complement that of the subscribed person or group leader, or studio or company.

In the event a winner decides not to take the prize, another winner will probably be selected. All government, state, and regional taxes on the value of the prize are sole accountability of the winner. 

Inability to respond to prize confirmation within the deadline can result in relinquish of the prize. Any specific winner or prospective who may not be contacted within 15 days of initial confirmation can result in disqualification and forfeiture of the prize.

The prize money will be distributed within 60 days from the day of declaration of result on website.

Disclaimer Of Warranties 

Business/Firm, or the acquaintances, merchants or their respective officers, proprietors, personnel, dealers, private techs or licensors (collectively the “Parties”) confirms the perfection, adequacy, timeliness, integrity, wholeness, or convenience of the Details together with the Parties dis-claim commitment for errors in the Info. 

This Site as well as all the details is made accessible on “as is” fashion, without having assurance, either signified or expressed, such as the suggested warranties related to merchantability for a definite intention, or non-infringement. Besides that, there are simply no warranties concerning the results of the use of the Info. The Parties never ensure that the Site is free of trojans or other detrimental aspects. It will not affect those warranties which are deficient of exclusion, restriction or changes under the stipulations in line with this Agreement.

Updates to the Terms 

ArchduxTM reserves the right, at the sole judgment, to modify, adjust, insert, or eradicate specific elements of this agreement anytime throughout the sale by publishing the amended Terms on the Site. Any Buyer shall be deemed to have approved these kinds of modifications by buying the services.

Events outside our management 

A. We will not be accountable or answerable for any delay in performance of, any of our commitments under an agreement which is attributable to situations outside our practical control ("Force Majeure Event"). 

B. A Force Majeure Event consists of any specific act, occasion, non-happening, omission or mishap beyond our sensible management and involves particularly (without restriction) the following: 

I. Lock-outs, strikes or additional commercial activity. 

II. Invasion, riots, civil fuss, terrorist assault or danger of terrorist harm, conflict (whether announced or not) or hazard or pre-planning for battle.

III. Explosion, fire, tornado, avalanche, earthquake, subsidence, outbreak or some other natural catastrophe. 

IV. Impossibility of the utilization of railways, planes, motor  transportation or some other way of community or non-public transport. 

V. Not being able to use public or personal telecom coverages.

VI. The acts, decrees, regulation, stipulations or limitations of any authorities. 



If any specific stipulation of the Contract is found by any Court of proficient jurisdiction to be unenforceable or even outdated, that provision will likely be restricted to the minimal scope required so that this Contract may otherwise stay in impact

Force Majeure 

Neither Party will likely be accountable for any specific hindrance or inability to execute its duties under the Contract (apart from transaction duties) in the event the delay or problem is because of causes beyond the practical control, for example a strike, blockade, conflict, act of terrorism, riot, natural catastrophe, malfunction or cutback of energy or telecoms or information networks or Devices, or government act.


Nothing in the Contract stops the Organization from unveiling Customer data and details to the degree obligated by law, subpoenas, or court commands, however the Firm tend to use commercially reasonable endeavors to inform Customer where allowed to do so.

Governing Law, Jurisdiction And Venue 

This Contract is governed by the regulations in the state of Delhi, India, without respect to choice or confrontation of law guidelines thereof.


All trademarks, symbols or words are owned, protected and property of the respective trademark their owners.


Contact Us 

ArchduxTM welcomes your queries or remarks concerning the foregoing Terms and conditions. 

Email address: contact@archdux.com