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An architecture institute is the epicenter of architectural design all across the world as this is the phase in every architect or designer’s life which sets the benchmarks for his/her upcoming career thus further shaping the infrastructure around us. Seeds of new building typologies, design innovations, art movements and revolutions are planted at the various schools of architecture across countries through time. The environment, knowledge, education, exposure and ethics absorbed by an individual at an architectural institute indirectly defines the future of the entire mankind. All these aspects of learning and conceiving architecture ought to be transformed from time to time with changing materials, construction techniques, cultures, values, lifestyles and ideologies but are often neglected through many generations until a necessity is felt by the governing authorities.

We proudly take the initiative to reach out to the minds creative enough to shed light over such temporal factors and provide revolutionary perspectives to these aspects. Keeping these and many such aspects in consideration, ARCHDUX has taken the bold initiative to call for architects, designers, students of architecture, professional from other field to bring forth their ideas for a fresh perspective towards an architecture school in an urban setting where the future is dwelling on VERTICALITY. In the modern urban fabric, building typologies are adapting to the vertical form whereas we still perceive an institutional building as a two-dimensional blanket of woven spaces. To shatter this age-old notion and to shed new light towards the design and articulation of the form, space and order of an institute where the inception of architectural design occurs i.e. the School of Architecture, the competition aims at provoking enthusiasts to inspire, identify and innovate the countless cultural and architectural layers of institutional spaces in an urban vertical fabric. Through such explorative attempts, the ARCHDUX forum intends at gaining insights into a diverse range of perceptions reflected upon by varied cultural and professional backgrounds and how such ideas shall open up countless doors to a vibrant and sustainable future for many generations to witness architectural design in their time.



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